32 North Brewing


When?? –

  • Saturday, April 11th, 2020
  • Brewery opens at Noon and we’ll be setting boards up right away.
  • Tournament bags fly at 2:00pm


Where?? –


Format?? –

  • Good, old-fashioned, bring-your-own-partner double elimination!
    • If fewer than 8 teams in either division, we will change that division to round robin with playoffs.


How much?? –

  • $20 per team for Social Bracket
  • $40 per team for Advanced Bracket
    • Brackets will be run concurrently so you can only participate in one bracket


  • Cash prizes to be announced and are dependent on # of teams in each division.
  • Possible local ACL points available. Stay tuned.


Is 32 North awesome?? –

  • Yes!! With 22 beers on tap, there is definitely something for all tastes. We should have a food truck on site, but of course you can bring your own food as well. Kid and dog friendly, so there’s really no reason to not be there. Basically, everyone who comes will have a better day than you if you don’t come.


Ok, ok. I’m in! Now what?? –

  • There are several PayPal options below. Please check them carefully to ensure you choose the correct one.
    • You don’t have to have a PayPal account. Just click the type of credit card you want to use under the “Pay with Paypal button”.
  • Cash sign-ups on the day of the tournament will only be accepted if spots remain available.
    • We highly recommend pre-paying and having a specific partner in mind.
    • We can try to pair up any single players on-site, however there is no guarantee there will be anybody else in need of a partner.


April 11th Advanced Bracket Full Team

Full payment for both players on an Advanced Bracket Team. PayPal steals $1.82


April 11th Advanced Bracket Half Team

Payment for 1 player on an Advanced Bracket Team. PayPal steal 91 cents.




April 11th Social Bracket Full Team

Full payment for both players on a Social Bracket Team. PayPal steals 91 cents.


April 11th Social bracket Half Team

Payment for 1 player on a Social Bracket team. PayPal steals 61 cents.



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